Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing Lessons

All Ages, Skills & Abilities


Located at Carillon Point in Kirkland, WA: Learn to wakeboard and wakesurf no matter your age, skill, or ability.

On the waters of beautiful Lake Washington near Seattle.


If you are looking to learn how to wakeboard or wake surf then taking lessons from us here at Northwest Riders is a great opportunity. We have been teaching and coaching wakeboarding here in Seattle, WA and across the northwest for years. We have qualified instructors, use the best equipment, and we emphasize safety...all while making sure you have a great time.

We offer lessons out of Carillon Point on Lake Washington (7-days a week) >

Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing Lessons:
contact: Greg 425.220.0675 

7-Days a Week by Appointment
- Kirkland, WA (Carillon Point Marina)
Link to Directions (Address is: 1200 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033)



(425) 220-0675



1200 Carillon Point
near the Boardwalk
Kirkland, WA 98033



M-Su by appointment

About US


Our Roots...

Northwest Riders started in 2004 as an action sports clothing brand. We began teaching wakeboard and wake surf lessons in 2005, both as a way to promote our clothing brand, and, honestly, to have an excuse to spend our summers on the boat. Now we spend our winters in the office working on our clothing brand, and as much of the summer as possible on Lake Washington.

Our Staff

Most private wakeboard lessons will be taught by Greg Young, one of the owners of Northwest Riders. Greg has been wakeboarding since 1995, and professionally instructing since 2005. In 2003, he was a member of Western Washington University’s wakeboard team when they won the collegiate National Championships.

Guest Coaches may also show up from time to time to help out. No matter who is coaching your lesson, you can count on their professionalism, their ability to take your riding to a new level, and their fun and laid back attitude.


What We Do

The Basics

  • Available by appointment 7 days per week
  • Rates start at just $120 per hour
  • All necessary equipment is provided
  • Ride behind a brand new, fully loaded Supreme S238
  • Call 425.220.0675 to schedule

Our private wakeboard and wakesurf lessons are geared towards riders of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to teach you what you need and want to learn, whether it’s simply getting out of the water for the first time or landing your 10th invert. We strive to create a fun, laid back, safe environment for you to learn something new about the sport of wakeboarding or wakesurfing each time you come out with us. Our instructors, boat, and the equipment we provide are all top notch and our ability to customize a lesson around your individual needs will maintain a constant level of progression that will keep you coming back for more.

Private Wakeboard and Wakesurf Lessons

With a private lesson, you are running the show. Whether you want to bring 1 friend or 10, for an hour or an entire day, you dictate how we spend our time. Our schedule is flexible, all gear is provided, and you decide how to spend your time once on the boat. We can switch between wakeboarding and wakesurfing (additional charges apply for wakesurfing), work on 1 trick until you land it, or just have a leisurely morning or afternoon on the water. It’s completely up to you.

Private Parties, ½ Day Lessons, Full Day Lessons, Corporate Events

Do you have a large group of people that you’d like to take wakeboarding or wakesurfing for the day? We’d love to help! Some groups prefer to be in the boat together the entire time, while some groups prefer to pick a private residence or public park on the water to BBQ and enjoy the sun while we take out smaller groups on the boat all day for those that want to wakeboard or wakesurf.

We’ve done this many times and are happy to make suggestions to make sure everything comes together. We’re also able to arrange for additional boats and staff, and of course, we provide all of the gear you’ll need. Please call 425.220.0675 to inquire about scheduling and pricing.



This year we are thrilled to be using a beautiful, brand new, FULLY loaded Supreme S238 for all of our lessons. We’re fortunate to be working closely with Supreme Tow Boats, as well as the local dealership Lynnwood Motoplex. Of all of the boats we’ve used through more than a decade of business, this is by far the nicest one we’ve gotten the keys to.

With plenty of additional ballast available with a few touches of a button, our wake can be fully customized for wakeboarding lessons and made big or small depending on your skill level. The wakesurfing wake on our Supreme S238 is massive, and makes learning to surf (or learning new tricks) easier than ever.

The all new 2017 Supreme S238

The all new 2017 Supreme S238


The 2017 S238 is a 23-foot 8-inch wake surfing towboat that offers more fun for as many as 16. Make it your own with customizable colors. The Deep-v Hull, complemented by the QuickFill Ballast, Plug and Play Ballast and the available QuickSurf System, pushed by GM Marine Crusader Engines from PCM give you all the tools you need to power your fun. The Octo® Tower by Skylon towers above the rest with the style and strength of octagon-shaped tube, a USA-casted base and weightless fold secured by a patent-pending overlock mechanism commanded by a compression latch. Strength and longevity are built in to this beauty, so you can be confident in its durability.


Supreme S238 Front View

The Deep-v Hull is the foundation of the S238’s wake performance, but the seamless integration of handling and power make it a World Class Towboat. This hull design also creates a better rough water ride by cutting through the chop. The modified V-bow is wide, deep and welcoming yet follows a traditional style. Supreme’s new Skylon S5 Tower with patent-pending overlock adds to the style of the S238 with its forward sweeping lines. The tower also introduces a black wrinkle-coated element that is matched on exterior by a new fresh air vent and throughout the interior in by new grab handles. The body lines along the sides of the boat are stylishly subtle, but can be punched up to aggressive with gel coat scheme and color choices.


Supreme S238 Interior

The interior has an abundance of colored and textured Spradling vinyl accents throughout. Also featuring a customized dash with colored accents and stitching. The flooring options in the S238 range from the standard Friction Snap-out Mat to a Luxury Logo Carpet to the cool Supreme-branded non-skid flooring from Gator Step.



June 1st – September 15th (weather permitting)

*** We are open to starting earlier or later if weather permits, subject to availability.

Lessons are available 7 days per week during daylight hours. Subject to availability.

Wondering about the best time to book? Check out the FAQ tab above for more details.


1. What if I'm late?

Unfortunately, if you’re late to your lesson, the clock is still running. We typically schedule lessons back-to-back, so even if we get a late start, we still need to be back to the dock on time to pick up our next clients. That’s why we always suggest that clients ARRIVE 10-15 MINUTES EARLY to their lessons. If you are late to a lesson or miss it entirely, you will still be charged the full amount.

2. Is it OK if I’m just a beginner?

That’s fine! While we can teach people of all ages, skill levels, shapes & sizes, our specialty is working with people who have either never tried, or tried unsuccessfully to get up on a board. We have a 99% success rate for teaching people to get up on a wakeboard their first time out with us, as long as they’re willing to put in the time (we need an average of 20-45 minutes to say we’ve tried everything) and the effort to try.

3. May I tip my instructor?

Tips are not required, but they’re always appreciated. If you feel like your instructor went out of their way to give you a great experience, a tip is a great way to say thanks.

4. Where do I go when I get there?

When you arrive at Carillon Point follow signs to the Woodmark Hotel. At the top of the roundabout you will see a kiosk for Waterfront Adventures boat rental business. If you look directly out from there you will see a public section of the marina below. Walk down either set of steps. At the base of the steps is a wooden walkway where you should see our boat. If you don't spot our driver, chances are they will spot you. Because we schedule back-to-back lessons you will be hopping on the boat as another customer is hopping off. Don't worry, if the boat is not waiting when you arrive it will be along shortly.

5. What if the forecast doesn’t look too good before my lesson? Do you have an INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY?

As anyone that lives in Seattle will tell you, the weather can change every few minutes. Our inclement weather policy is simply that all lessons will proceed as scheduled unless conditions are hazardous. That means that we’ll ride rain or shine, in calm water or choppy. We will cancel/reschedule lessons only based on our driver’s discretion, and generally only in the event of lightning or extraordinarily rough water. That said, our drivers/instructors are pretty knowledgeable about reading weather reports, so if you have a concern when scheduling, just ask. Our cancellation policy is set up to give you ample time to reschedule based on the forecast.

6. How much time should I book?

The minimum time we’ll book a lesson for is 1 hour. As a general rule of thumb, we typically recommend booking at least 30 minutes for each person that plans to ride, although some people may want/need more time. Because it takes a few minutes to switch gear between riders, 2 riders per hour sets a relaxed pace, while trying to fit 3 people into an hour is doable, but can feel pretty rushed. We can make recommendations, but ultimately it depends on your schedule and budget when deciding how much time to book.

7. What should I wear?

What you wear is really up to you, but choosing something comfortable and practical is your best bet. For guys, we recommend wearing boardshorts and a t-shirt onto the boat. Most women prefer to wear shorts and a t-shirt over a bathing suit. Two-piece bathing suits work fine, although if you have a pair of boardshorts or running shorts to wear over your bottoms while you’re in the water, that’s usually a good idea. If your lesson is scheduled early in the morning or later in the evening, a sweatshirt is a great idea. Sunglasses, hats, and sweatpants are optional, but worth considering based on the weather. You will be asked to remove your shoes before getting into the boat (you’ll bring them aboard with you), so sandals or flip flops work the best.

8. Can I change when I get there?

Yes, there are restrooms on site, but please allow extra time to get changed as the lesson starts at the booked time.

9. What Should I Pack?

We’d recommend the following:

  • Swimsuit (something that won’t fall off in the water)
  • Towel
  • Sweatshirt (morning/evening/chilly day)
  • Liability Waiver (each person MUST bring one filled out)
  • Water/Drinks/Snacks
  • Sunscreen!

10. Is it OK to bring food/drinks out on the boat?

Most food/drinks are just fine to bring on the boat, after all we want to you to truly enjoy the entire experience. As a general rule, we just ask that you avoid foods that are messy or greasy (fried chicken, pizza, chips or crackers that will create a lot of crumbs, etc) or that don’t mix well with the motion of a boat (i.e. soup, etc). Just use common sense and you should be fine. Since kids can be ‘slightly’ messier than adults, we’ll just ask you to keep an eye on yours and that you help to clean up after them so the instructor can focus on his job. Beverages are no problem at all. We do encourage bringing beverages that are less likely to spill (a can of soda works better than pouring out of a 2 liter bottle). Also, be sure and bring a small cooler or bag to keep your drinks chilled.

11. Can I bring alcohol on the boat?

While we are definitely here to provide a unique and fun experience, keep in mind this isn’t a party barge. We’re OK with alcohol as long as you’re of legal age and are drinking responsibly. Wakeboarding is an inherently dangerous sport and being under the influence of alcohol doesn’t make it any easier or less dangerous. Having a couple of drinks after you ride is OK with us, but all state laws apply and we ask that you don’t get too rowdy. The bottom line is that alcohol is intended for use by adults, so we expect you to act like one.

12. Is this a group lesson? Is it possible to join a group?

We only offer private lessons, meaning that besides the instructor, the only people in the boat during your lesson will be those that you invite. Scheduling “group” lessons between clients who don’t know each other can be difficult, and is not something that we offer.

13. Do you offer BOAT RENTALS?

If you'd like to rent a boat (or other watercraft) please visit Woodmark Waterfront Adventures website.

14. Will you teach a lesson on my own boat?

Yes. We certainly understand that you may want to learn how to land a trick behind the boat you’re going to be spending the most time riding behind. We are definitely willing to come out on your boat to make that happen, but are typically only able to early and late in the season (May, June, and September). Traveling to your house or another lake usually means that we’ll need to charge for travel time and fuel, and typically comes with a minimum of 2 hours on your boat. Oftentimes that makes it less expensive to come out on our boat. During the peak season, we tend to stay pretty busy on our boat, so it becomes much more difficult to make it happen.

15.  How far in advance should I book my lesson?

Generally if you call in a week or so in advance, you have a pretty good chance of getting the day/time you want. That’s not a guarantee, so if there’s a day or time that you MUST have, be sure to call as soon as you know what it is.

16. What time of day is it best to schedule my lesson for?

That all depends on what you’re looking to get out of the lesson. If your biggest priority is improving on a wakeboard, the earlier in the morning you schedule your lesson, the better the odds of getting calm water. Many people make the mistake of choosing the warmest part of the day over the calmest time of the day, but trust us when we say that water quality is FAR more important if you’re truly interested in improving on a wakeboard. The general rule of thumb (although never a guarantee) is that the best water conditions occur between 7am and 11am on the weekdays, and 6am-10am on the weekends. As the sun comes out and things warm up, the breeze will usually follow (creating rougher water), and the boat traffic will greatly increase (creating substantially rougher water).

If you’re looking for a good mix of calm-ish water and sun, than 11am until 2pm or 3pm on weekdays is usually still a good time to book, although the water will get progressively worse as the day moves on. After 11am on weekends is best suited for ‘recreational’ wakeboarding. In other words, that time is best for people who aren’t learning for the first time or won’t get frustrated in less-than-ideal conditions.

Afternoons and evenings are best suited for wakesurfing (still VERY fun, even in rough water) or cocktail cruises as the water can be a bit too rough to wakeboard.


1200 Carillon Point
Kirkland, WA, 98033

To Carillon Point Marina (Kirkland, WA) -
General Directions to the marina > click here

The public dock where we pick people up is near the multiple on-site parking locations and is just a minutes walk from either of the parking lots.



Once you have arrived in the main entrance of Carillon point you can either head to the left or the right and enter either of the parking lots. We validate up to 1.5 hours. Once parked, head to the roundabout near the hotel and head down the stairs to the rental hut for "Waterfront Adventures" and they will get you squared away.



Our wakeboarding and wakesurfing lessons would not be possible without our sponsors and partnerships. We have the honor of being able to work with them on both a local level (here in Seattle) as well as on a national level in many cases. Our current sponsors are:

Supreme Tow Boats

Lynnwood Motoplex

Hyperlite Wakeboards

Liability Waiver: DOWNLOAD


You cannot ride until you fill out and sign a liability wavier. Click the link above and be sure to bring it with you to your scheduled lesson. We will have blank forms available on the boat, however, filling it out on-site will cut into your alotted time so having it ready before hand is recommended.

Minors (persons under the age of 18) must have a parent initial and sign the form where required.